We have identified a concern related to the welds between the barrel and barrel lug on a limited number of CROSSFIRE rifles featuring Burnt Bronze Cerakote/Nitride barrels. There is a possibility that dropping the firearm or repeated firings could compromise the weld, leading to a separation of the barrel from the lug during firing. Therefore, CVA is initiating a Voluntary Recall for all such firearms currently in the possession of consumers. If you own one of these firearms, please promptly contact CVA Customer Service at 1-770-449-4687 to obtain a Return Authorization and receive information regarding replacement options or a refund. This recall applies to CROSSFIRE rifles ONLY with Burnt Bronze Cerakote/Nitride-treated barrels and DOES NOT apply to standard stainless steel barreled firearms.
If you have a Cerakote Crossfire rifle with serial number ending in XX-YY-ZZZZZZ-23, then your rifle is under this voluntary recall.   If your serial number is XX-YY-ZZZZZZ-24 or higher, your rifle is not affected.
In August of 1997 CVA implemented a Voluntary Recall of In-Line rifle models with serial numbers ending in -95 or -96. If you have a CVA In-Line model with such a serial number do not use or allow anyone else to use the gun. If you have one of these rifles, call CVA immediately at 770.449.4687 for complete details and a free replacement gun.
Example Serial #: XX-XXXXXX-95 or XX-XXXXXX-96.
In May 1999 Blackpowder Products, Inc. purchased the assets of Connecticut Valley Arms, Inc. and now operates under the trade name of Connecticut Valley Arms and/or CVA. Any claims relating to the above described Voluntary Recall should be addressed to Connecticut Valley Arms, Inc. not Blackpowder Products, Inc. Blackpowder Products, Inc. assumes no liability for any products
manufactured prior to January 1, 1998.


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