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BUSHWACKER™ Optic Covers are designed to fit both ends of your scope (ocular and objective). Our five sizes fit the majority of all scopes, as well as a variety of binoculars, flashlights, smaller spotting scopes and other field optics. The stretchable covers fit securely and are easy to use. BUSHWACKER™ 270 Matte Black cover has a snap-lock lid preventing dust build up and moisture (rain and snow) accumulation. With the 270 range of motion, the cover will flip back and lay parallel to the scope so it doesn’t block the shooter’s line of sight when looking over the scope for target acquisition.

Please refer to the measuring guide on this page for accurate sizing. BUSHWACKER™ 270o Optic Covers also fit Redfield® Low Profile ® and Widefield ® scopes. As with all transparent covers on the market, the See-Thru model will cause a point-of-impact change at longer ranges. Although this is insignificant at close range targets, it is recommended that the See-Thru be flipped open for critical, longer range shots.

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