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Can I pay to re-barrel my rifle?
We offer factory re-barrel services using our stainless Premier barrels. This service includes cerakote and range testing and costs $500. The lead time is approximately 90 days and your accuracy guarantee will still apply.
Do the Premier rifles come with test targets?
The Premier rifles no longer come with test targets.
Do you make left handed rifles?
The B-14 HMR is currently the only available LH rifle we make.
I'm having trouble with my handloads...
We do not condone the use of handloaded ammunition, nor do we offer advice of any kind in that area. Using handloaded ammunition will void the warranty of your rifle.
What ammunition shoots best in my Bergara?
Every barrel is going to shoot differently. Like any other rifle, testing with good ammunition will allow you to find the best choice for your needs. Click here for a list of what ammunition we have found to work best when we are testing for best accuracy. https://www.bergara.online/us/accuracy-testing/
What is not covered by my warranty?
The warranty does not cover unauthorized modifications, repairs, wear, rust, neglect, use of handloaded ammunition, or other damage that results from not following instructions in user manual.
What is the difference in the Premier/B-14 line?
All premier rifles are made exclusively in the USA. The premier actions and barrels are made from premium stainless steel, and are finished in Cerakote. The premier bolt has a fluted body, and an interchangeable floating bolt head, and features a tool-less, ¼ turn takedown for easy cleaning and disassembly. The premier line also uses Triggertech primary triggers, and top of the line stocks and components made exclusively in the USA. The B-14’s are made in Spain, and all of it’s components are sourced from overseas. The barrels and actions are made from a high carbon steel rather than stainless, and the finish is bluing, rather than Cerakote. The shape of the B-14 bolt head in the same as the Premier, but it is not a floating bolt head, and it does require simple tools to disassemble and clean the bolt and its internal components.
What is your accuracy guarantee?
Our accuracy guarantee is sub MOA at 100 yds with 3 shot groups of available factory match grade ammunition.
What rail should I buy?
Any standard Remington 700 rail will work on the B-14 line. The premier line requires a 700 rail with 8-40 screws. We recommend buying our Premier SA rail so you don’t have to worry about it.
What scope do you recommend?
We recommend contacting your favorite scope manufacturer for questions about optics.
Where can I find Bergaras in stock near me?
Locate your local Bergara dealer here.
Will the B-14/Premier barreled actions drop into a Remington 700 stock?
Yes, but we cannot guarantee proper fit or function as it is not our product.


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