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Can I buy CVA muzzleloaders directly from CVA?
You can buy any CVA muzzleloader directly from our online store. Check to see if your state has any restrictions regarding blackpowder firearms here.
Can I use magnum powder charges in my muzzleloader?
All CVA muzzleloaders are rated for a 150 gn. Magnum charge of Pyrodex, 777, or White Hot powders. We recommend consulting your powder manufacturer for additional information.
What load do you recommend for accuracy?
We recommend 100 gr. of 777 powder with Winchester W209 primers and Powerbelt 295 gn aerotips in our 1:28 twist .50 cal muzzleloaders.
I have an old CVA muzzleloader…can you tell me anything about it?
We are not able to provide any information on an older CVA muzzleloader. The current owners of CVA acquired the brand in 1999 and have no available information on guns made before that date.
Do any current models have interchangeable barrels?
No, we are no longer producing multi-caliber guns.
Do you sell replacement centerfire barrels for my CVA?
No. All current CVA centerfire rifles are only sold as complete guns, and no previous model replacement barrels are currently in production, including the Apex.
Can I trade-in my muzzleloader towards the purchase of a new one?
For a limited time, we are giving our loyal CVA owners an opportunity to trade in their old rifles (made 2009 or before) for a 35% discount on one of our new, state-of-the-art ACCURA, OPTIMA or WOLF models. Qualifying rifles will have serial numbers that look like this: 61-13-123456-09 (or 08, 07, 06, etc.). For more information on our trade-in program, click here or contact customer service at contact@bpiguns.com for details.
Is there a recall in effect for my muzzleloader?
All Apollo models ending in -95, and -96 have been recalled. If you possess one of these models, contact customer service immediately at contact@bpiguns.com for a replacement model.
How do I get replacement parts for my sidelock?
All CVA sidelocks were produced prior to the acquisition of the company by its current owners in 1999. We recommend contacting Deer Creek Products for all pre-1999 models.
What is not covered by my warranty?
The warranty does not cover normal wear, metal or stock finish, rust, damage to structures, buildings, vehicles, persons, animals, or other damages resulting from careless handling. Improper loading, corrosion, neglect, improper maintenance, or customer alterations also void the warranty.


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