CVA Crossfire

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The new CVA Crossfire was developed for use with the patented Firestick® ignition system. The system uses pre-loaded powder capsules that are loaded into the breech of the rifle, with only the projectile being loaded through the muzzle.

This system combined with CVA’s break-action design provides unsurpassed ease of loading and unloading for the convenience-minded shooter.



8 lbs



CROSSFIRE - Cerakote Burnt Bronze/Excape - 26" ISM


8 lbs



CROSSFIRE - Stainless Steel/Black - 26" ISM

Frequently Asked Questions

What bullets can be fired using the FireStick?

We recommend our ELR Series of PowerBelt muzzleloader bullets. However, FEDERAL® Ammunition DOES NOT recommend using 120 grain magnum FireSticks™ with bullets exceeding 305 grains in weight.

Are FireStick rifles easier to clean?

Yes, partially because there are fewer parts to clean. The lack of a removable breech plug in the system makes access to the breech much easier to brush clean than standard 209 inline actions. There is no breech plug to remove, pick clean, soak and lube which removes entire steps in the overall cleaning process.

The new Hodgdon Triple Eight powder burns very efficiently and greatly reduces the amount of unburnt powder and residue in the barrels. Due to powder being in the capsule, there is no powder touching and igniting directly inside of the barrel. The bullet seats on the bullet shelf, not on top of powder. All this means the FireStick system generally reduces the traditional “powder ring” black powder shooters have come to recognize in the barrel after repeated firings. A powder ring left unclean can lead to barrel corrosion. With the FireStick, there is less or no powder ring to clean, so risk of barrel corrosion is also less.

The new Hodgdon Triple Eight is not designed for water-based clean-up. Using a cleaning solvent provides an effective and efficient job cleaning.

Can a FireStick be reloaded and used again?

No. For safety reasons, FireSticks are designed for one-time use and cannot be reloaded.

What safety benefits does the Firestick system provide?

      1. Factory-manufactured, and precision charged so you’ll get consistent performance every time.
      2. Allows safe removal of the unfired charge from the breech and quick removal when necessary.
      3. Eliminates the risk of accidentally over- or under-charging.

How do I load the Firestick into the Crossfire?

      1. With the barrel pointed in a safe direction, load your projectile through the muzzle with your ramrod. Push it down the barrel and seat it on the shelf within the barrel. You’ll feel the bullet stop with resistance. This provides a consistent starting point every time.
      2. Break open the action and insert the Federal Premium FireStick into the breech.
      3. Place a 209 primer into the primer pocket of the FireStick. Close breech and your muzzleloader is fully loaded.

How do I unload the bullet?

      1. Open the breech of the rifle.
      2. Remove the 209 Shotshell Primer from the Firestick ™ capsule.
      3. Remove the Firestick™ capsule from the breech of the rifle.
      4. Using a range rod (longer than the length of the barrel) with the jag removed (to allow passage through the Bullet Seating Ring), push the bullet out of the barrel from breech to muzzle. (Note that some rods may have too large an outside diameter to pass through the Bullet Seating Ring, so be sure to obtain a range/cleaning rod with an outside diameter small enough to pass through the Bullet Seating Ring. Any centerfire rifle cleaning rod should work for this purpose.)

Does the CVA Crossfire require a 4473?

Yes, as of launch, the Crossfire muzzleloader requires a 4473.

What states can I currently use the Crossfire?

For most up to date map of FireStick acceptance, please visit here.

Where can I learn more about the Federal Premium FireStick?

For more information and videos about Federal Ammunition's new, ground-breaking FireStick, visit:

Is there a recall on the CVA Crossfire?

Yes, CVA has initiated a voluntary recall specifically for CROSSFIRE rifles featuring Burnt Bronze Cerakote/Nitride-treated barrels (CR3804NM and CR3804NSC). If you own one of these models, it is important to participate in the recall. Standard stainless steel barreled Crossfires are not impacted by this recall.

For full information on the recall, please click




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